Why go virtual?

Why go virtual?

The future of professional trainings: mobile, adaptable, immersive, and able to be delivered anywhere, with minimal equipment.

IFFEN’s VR platform is the educational launching pad for easeful, efficient, cost-effective trainings.

A range of situations can be programmed, giving participants the opportunity to prepare for a wide variety of on-the-job incidents.

Virtual reality trainings reduce equipment costs and expand practice scenarios

Participants can interact with 3D technical models in place of physical installations. Exercises and procedures can be practiced and repeated as necessary, even at home.

Games and tests are scored and tracked, allowing for participants to see their progress. With multiplayer trainings, leaderboards open up friendly competition.

The multiplayer training platform allows participants to interact with each other, and the trainer to connect individually with each participant.

Training modules can be custom developed based on the needs of companies and trainers.

Virtual reality can be applied beyond training, as well. Locations, processes, experiences and products can be demonstrated to clients. Virtual meetings can be held in custom locations.