Applications of VR

Applications of VR

(Immersion + Interactivity + Collaboration)
Custom Development

Locations, models, technical processes, trainings scenarios, and interactive functionality can be programmed down to the smallest details
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    Discover an immersive and interactive experience of a business’s services and products. Locations and interactive functionality can be programmed down to the smallest details, and a company representative can accompany you within the virtual world.

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    Give clients an eyes-on, hands-on experience of available and prospective services and products. Custom offerings can be modeled before physical development begins. Complete models of construction projections can be toured, examined and updated before the ground has been broken. A virtual meeting can be arranged in a setting more welcoming and communicative than a phone call or email.

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    Managers and leaders

    Facilitate internal communication through a fun, immersive platform. Build relationships and teamwork through collaborative games and missions.

Sales departments

New ways to share, new ways to promote, and new ways to invite clients into relationship.


Save a trip to the training center by entering VR instead. Study and practice with complex equipment that can’t normally be used at home, with just a headset or a phone app.


Step up your expertise and experience with exercises, interactive information and role-playing.

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    Be fully prepared for what to expect on-site.

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    Trainers and teachers

    Expand the availability and accessibility of your courses.

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    Simplify the recruitment process and meet potential hires without requiring them to drive or take the train to the office. Job searchers: save hours getting to and from every interview.

Levels of training can be programmed, based on position and hierarchy, for example, in the context of technical trainings

  • Maintenance technicians
  • Installation technicians
  • Repair technicians
  • Business managers
  • Technical sales representatives
  • Sales representatives
  • Customer service representatives
  • Security officers
  • Property managers
  • Technical supervisors
  • Technical directors/technical managers
  • Design departments/research and development
  • Electrical installation inspectors
  • Housing inspectors