A decade of experience providing mechanical engineering training courses,
extended into the infinite potential of code.

IFFEN-VR is informed by over a decade of delivering on-site, in-person trainings in the fields of mechanical engineering and renewable energy.
Offering over 300 on-site training courses, with courses taught every day at the training center in Paris, IFFEN is ideally situated to develop the future of trainings and communication in virtual reality.
IFFEN knows firsthand the needs of both trainers and course participants, and how these can be uniquely served by the immersive experience and technology of virtual reality.

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    9D VR

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    Oculus Rift

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The advantages of virtual reality, in brief

  • Reduce equipment costs

  • Master technical tasks

  • Retain information better (than text or video)

  • Prepare participants for real life situations

  • Develop efficient, cost-effective training scenarios

  • Save travel time

  • Connect trainees and trainers across distances

  • Impress clients with cutting-edge presentations

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